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Carl and Simon are incredibly excited.  You see, we have been in conversation with a whole load of awesome adventure peeps and we will be sharing our interviews with you via a series of regular podcasts which is now available on most major podcast platforms, including:
Google Podcasts
Radio Public
And there are more platforms to follow.
In addition to the all-star interviews, we'll have news, gear talk, opinions and hopefully we'll create a lot of fun whilst we are at it.  If you have an inspirational story to share, you can apply to Find Your Adventure for a spot on a future podcast.  Of course, we can't fit everyone in, but we'll do our best to squeeze you in. 

Who is lined up so far?

In no particular order, we're bursting with excitement to announce that the following amazing adventurers below have confirmed their spots so far:

Chrissie and Geoff Crowther

This intrepid pair of dog-loving long-distance backpackers have more than a few trips under their belt.  Geoff and Chrissie are embarking on their attempt of hiking the entire Kungsleden (King's Trail) in Sweden in the later half of 2019.  We are going to catch up with them before they go to talk about what led them to take this trip on, and how they've gone about their planning.  

Alan Hinkes

Briton's mountaineer extraordinaire, Alan Hinkes is the first and only Brit to have successfully climbed all 14 of the world's 8,000m+ mountains.  From Everest, Lhotse, K2 and Dhaulaghiri, through to Nanga Parbat and Shishapangma, Alan has summited them all.  Alan is also the ambassador for Mountain Rescue in the UK and will be sharing some of his stories with us on our podcast. 

Ian Brown and Zara Dyer - 3 Million Steps

A truly remarkable story of overcoming adversity, only to bounce back and take the adventure world by storm...   Zara suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident in 2017 which left her paralysed and practically having to relearn to walk, talk and eat.  Eager to give something back which will benefit other folk who are faced with similar trauma, Zara and her partner, Ian, have given themselves the minor challenge of walking... THREE MILLION STEPS from John o'Groats, to Land's End - well over 1,000 miles to raise money for the various charities who helped her recover enough to take on this, frankly ridiculous challenge - GO ZARA!

Colin Edwards - Wildlife Photographer 

Colin is one of the UK's finest wildlife photographers.  Ethically meticulous, and unfailingly patient, Colin regularly finds himself quite literally up to his neck in the outdoors in trying to capture the essence of whichever species he is photographing.  We are talking to Colin about how he works with the harsh environments to bring us his stunning works of photographic art.

Heather Thomas-Smith - Mountain Leader, Fungi Forager

Not content with being able to safely guide mere mortals through the mountain landscape, Heather is a seasoned forager of mushrooms.  An adventurer at heart, most weeks see Heather deep in the uplands of the UK helping folk find their adventures in the hills.  Heather is also a member of her local Cave Rescue team, lending her significant skills to help those who find themselves in trouble in some pretty inhospitable, and inaccessible locations.

Chris Townsend - Award Winning Outdoor Writer and Long Distance Backpacker

Previously serving as President of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, Chris's C.V. is LONG!  He has written over twenty five books, most illustrated by his own magnificent photographs.  His long distance caps include trails such as a single continuous 1,700 mile round of the 'Munros' and 'Munro Tops', The entire 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail, 3,000 Continental Divide Trail, and MANY more.  Chris is a Trustee of the John Muir Trust.  Chris will be talking to us a little about his antics in the wilds, and also specifically about Forestation and Reforestation and the difference between wild land across the northern hemisphere.

Hannah Stevenson - Cicerone Guides

Hannah is the Marketing Manager at the renowned produce of guidebooks, Cicerone.  With 2019 being their 50th anniversary, Hannah will be sharing what Cicerone are up to in terms of celebrating their incredible publishing history.

Wim Stevenson - Montane Equipment

Wim has been showcasing Montane's tremendous range of outdoor clothing and equipment and will be sharing what he's been up to in the outdoors recently, together with some of the latest developments in Montane's equipment offering. 

Tristan Gooley - The Natural Navigator

Tristan Gooley is a truly inspirational outdoor writer.  His niche specialism is in passing on his ridiculously deep understanding of the natural (and not-so-natural) landscape to his readers.  Tristan published 'The Natural Navigator' in 2010 and it was a breath of fresh air for people who spend time in the outdoors.  Being able to genuinely move through the landscape using natural clues is made possible by Tristan's incredible writing style.  Tristan will be joining us to talk more about his amazing skills and how you can enjoy the outdoors much more richly using some highly effective navigational methods. 

Mike Turner - Turner Lightweight Tents

Mike has been producing his own lightweight backpacking tents for a couple of years now and we recently met him on the 2019 Great Outdoors Challenge where he gave us a hint of what he has been up to.  He was testing a new tent on the crossing of the Scottish Highlands for two-weeks, camping throughout the crossing to ensure that his creation was up to the task.  We'll talk more to Mike about his designs, and his time in the outdoors.

Chris Butterfield - Alfred Wainwright Books and Memorabilia

Chris's passionate mission to seek out and protect as much memorabilia from the production of the inimitable publications produced by Alfred Wainwright (GOOGLE HIM!) is without match.  We'll catch up with Chris to talk about some of his latest finds, and what he plans to do with them.  

Andrew Walker - Long Distance Backpacker, TGO Challenge Legend, Hillwalker, Musician

Andrew has crossed Scotland on The Great Outdoors Challenge fourteen times, is fitter than a butcher's dog, and can play guitar.  He's also just a regular bloke who likes to get outdoors whenever he can, whether it's with his two black labs, with a packed rucksack, or on two wheels, it's safe to say that adventure is oxygen to this chap.  We'll be talking to Andrew about all things outdoors and asking him to share his views on some of those common outdoor 'moments' we are likely to encounter from time to time.