About FYA

FYA was founded by two wannabe adventurers following a hike through the expansive landscape of Swedish Lapland...

Simon (on the left)

I’m a 40+ father of two; an Englishman living in Sweden, just north of Uppsala.

My last big adventure was doing the Northernmost 109 km of the Kungsleden here in Sweden, which starts in the Arctic Circle. I guess my adventures started a long, long time ago when I used to put on my grey shorts, pull the little green jumper over my head, flip on my cap and tighten the scarf and woggle of the 1st Haverhill Cubs pack. I explored my way through Scouts, and progressed through the highly respected Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. I am planning lots more adventures in the near future…..stay tuned to the FYA blog to know more….

Having hiked in the UK and at home, here in Sweden, I intend to take my adventure around the world to explore a whole host of wild and far flung lands. Right now, though, I am very lucky to live in Sweden which seems to have endless wilderness and forests to explore, and what's more I get to show it all to my kids, too. 

I love tech and I love adventure kit.  Combining the two is a complete dream for me (just don’t tell the wife – I already spend too much on gear!).

I'd say my three favourite bits of kit right now are my Tarptent Scarp 2, a Rab Ascent sleeping bag and the dependable Alpkit titanium mug.

My time on the Kungsleden has been my biggest adventure so far, and I would love to do it again someday. I learnt a few things, including to lock your GPS watch screen before starting out so that when you fall over and accidentally press a button it doesn't stop the tracking, only to realise you've done so two hours later!

Carl (on the right)

A mere 42 years young and getting younger by the hour. I'm married with two little terrors in tow. I have a dog called Dash and the most nonchalant cat you ever did meet (her name is Binsey - after a hill in the Lake District).  

I've been hiking, canoeing, trail running and exploring his way around the wild places in the UK and occasionally overseas for more than a decade now. I've walked the whole way across the Scottish Highlands a couple of times now, via my own routes.  I'd guess my speciality is laying down a route which is both wild and challenging just to test my mettle.  I've beaten myself a few times by pushing myself too hard - each time learning how to approach things differently.

I get a real kick out of introducing folk to the hills, and showing them the wildlife that's right under their noses with a view to inspiring them to begin finding their own adventures, whatever they may be.