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UK Map Brands

UK Map Brands

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Our favourite UK map brands are based on clarity and practicality.  They are:

Ordnance Survey (OS) Maps

OS Landranger Maps have a pink cover and are 1:50k scale

OS Explorer Maps have an orange cover and are 1:25k scale

OS Maps have an unrivalled standard for mapping and we would argue that the information is presented in the best overall way for general navigation.  They do have a habit of turning into papier maché when they get wet – so keep it dry (or spend a few quid on their waterproof versions. 


Harvey Maps

Harvey British Mountain Maps have a red/white cover and are 1:40k scale

Harvey Superwalkers have a red/black cover and are 1:25k scale

Harvey Maps are printed on durable waterproof material so they just about get the edge when it comes to practicality.  Their coverage of the UK isn’t complete, but we think you will find they cover most of the areas that you are likely to explore.


Trio of maos

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