Map Basics - Paths & Tracks

Paths & TracksMap Basics - Paths & Tracks

Paths, tracks, roads, and other type of trails or thoroughfares are all illustrated as different types lines over the surface of a map.

The lines can be thick, or thin, or dashed, or dotted.  They can be yellow or green or pink, or outlined... even dashed on one side and not on the other.  There are so many variants of paths and tracks across the main map that are available in the UK that we really need a whole section dedicated to this. 

If you think you would benefit from a very detailed explanation of the paths and tracks shown on British outdoor mapping, then we'll definitely do a post.  In the meantime, we thing that the legend on the map explains these marks so well we are going to let them speak for themselves.   It feels a lot like a cop-out but we want to add value where it's needed, rather than regurgitating what's already done for you on the maps.  So, we recommend that you study legend of your map to familiarise yourself with the lines which demarcate these paths and tracks as they too are useful features to use when navigating/planning.

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