FYA Basics

Navigation Basics – Locating your position using a ‘Transit’

A 'Transit' is a pair (or more) of visible identifiable features which lay along the same line of sight – these might be a stream junction and a lone building, or maybe a nearby peak. 

Compass Basics – Locating your position accurately using three visibly identifiable features.

If you are not located on a visible linear feature such as a path, stream or ridge, but you need to know your location it’s possible to do this by using three distant visible features which are identifiable on your map.

Compass Basics – Locating yourself using a visible and identifiable feature

If you are walking along a linear feature such as a path, or a ridge, or maybe a stream/river it is possible to use a distant feature to your left or right to work out exactly where you are on that linear feature. 

Compass Basics – Back Bearings to check progress

Knowing that you are still on the right bearing once you have set off along it is kind of important, we're sure you’ll agree! So here’s how to do it simply, and quickly.

Compass Basics – Staying on a Bearing

Once you have established a bearing that you need to follow, unless you are on a clearly visible path, and you know where the path is headed, you’ll need to give yourself the skills to stay on that bearing to your intended destination.
FYA Map Basics - Magnetic Declination Explained

FYA Map Basics - Magnetic Declination Explained

When you learned how to set a compass bearing with us you will have noticed we talk about magnetic declination.  It sounds complicated, but it just isn't.  Here's why it's important, and how to deal with it:

Don't buy that sleeping bag!

No, really. You probably don’t need it.

I haven’t used a sleeping bag for backpacking for about 7 or 8 years now.

FYA Basics: Map Basics

FYA Basics: Map Basics

Give yourself the confidence to be able to plan your own route by learning how to read a map.
FYA Basics: Setting a Compass Bearing

FYA Basics: Setting a Compass Bearing

If you've never done it before, using a compass might seem like a thing that only mountain gurus and magicians can do - we've made it easy for you right here